Revolutionizing how Your Agency Manages & Delivers I/DD Care

Alley Data's comprehensive data collection and management software system was specifically designed by and for I/DD Agencies just like yours, to serve the specialized needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, while saving up to 40% of agency costs.


Designed for Developmental Disability Care Providers

Revolutionary I/DD Agency Software

By offering an easy-to-use, affordable solution to point-of-care data entry and management, Alley Data helps reduce costs, improve efficiency and streamline your entire process.

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With Alley Data, documentation, reporting and communication tools are at your fingertips, saving you time and money while improving efficiency.

And because our developmental disability management software is cloud-based, you avoid the hassle that comes with software and server management. That means your entire team can devote more time to providing quality patient care.

Alley Data offers the following features, which are designed to improve efficiency while helping your organization save time and money:

Electronic Visit Verification

Alley Data's certified and ODM approved Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system was built from the ground up and fully integrated in to our I/DD management software as a simplified and stand-alone feature.

DODD Billing

Alley Data has created a billing solution to help you easily submit claims through the DODD eMBS system, by generating an electronic claim for all individuals.

Employee Management

With Alley Data, you are able to manage each of your employee's pay-rate, work schedule, auto insurance/mileage, and even their upcoming CEU's.

Client Management

With Alley Data, you are able to manage your client's daily needs, schedule/hours per week, mileage allotment, eMAR, HPC documentation, financial ledger, food and medicine intake, and so much more.

Manages MUI and UI's

All Incident Reports can be reviewed and sent directly from your computer to anywhere. All Reports requested by your county board can be created with one click and sent weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly.

Payroll SVG Alley Data

Payroll Management

Alley Data manages your entire payroll and easily sends a payroll report directly to your payroll company.

Staff Level Editing

Your entire staff can edit all of their work if/when necessary.

PDF Reports

PDF Files are very quickly and easily created and can be sent to service coordinators or the county board, without anyone ever needing to share computers.

  • Cross platform (iOS, Android, web) and cloud-based
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • EHR management
  • Direct data entry (DDE) charting
  • Designed for the field; Works offline
  • Multidisciplinary employee scheduling
  • Timesheet/payroll management
  • Push notifications to direct support professionals
  • GPS logging capabilities
  • Photo documentation
  • Personalized training
  • Reporting tools/PDF Reports

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"We've been using Alley Data since December 2018 and have had four surveys in four different counties, including two State reviews. Everyone loved absolutely everything about Alley Data, from the HPC and eMAR, to the financial ledger. Alley Data has allowed us to focus more on what matters the most, which is our Patient care. We have been able to significantly cut overhead cost and hold our entire staff accountable."

Tiffiney Sloan, President

IBA Support Services

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Pricing is determined by the number of active Individuals your company has entered into your account. An Individual counts as someone to whom you provide care. Employees and managers of your organization do not cost anything and you can enter as many as necessary to provide your organization's standard of care.
You are automatically billed each month based on the number of Individuals you have averaged for the month.
You can simply cancel your account. Alley Data does not require any long term commitments.
Definitely Yes, you can contact us to let us know what updates you'd like to see. We'll evaluate your request and consider for future releases.

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