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Alley Data is developmental disability care management software with an impressive lineup of features to help agencies manage information related to remote caregivers.

Key Features of Alley Data

Electronic Visit Verification

Alley Data's certified and ODM approved Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system was built from the ground up and fully integrated in to our I/DD management software as a simplified and stand-alone feature, allowing your agency and caregivers to efficiently verify all key information necessary for services provided, including the date of the service, the time the service starts and ends, the individual receiving the service, the person providing the service, and the location of the service.

Through Alley Data's user-friendly mobile application, your staff members can use their own personal iOS or Android device to easily check their schedules, capture signatures or voice verification, and manage all in-home visits and plan of care, while maintaining full ODD compliance. Should there be an issue with a mobile device, Telephony or Web Visit Verification are also included as alternative EVV options.

DODD Billing

Alley Data understands and appreciates how valuable your agency's time is every moment of the day, along with the need to maximize revenue. For that reason, we have created a billing solution to help you easily submit claims through the DODD eMBS system, by generating an electronic claim for all individuals.

Our billing solution allows you to add and track all payer programs, payer services, payer codes, and pay rates for each caregiver, including special rates and travel time or mileage. Prior to submittal, you can check all documentation for accuracy. Once submitted, if any claims are rejected by DODD, you are able to easily locate and make necessary edits for resubmission.

Cross Platform and Cloud Based

Our cloud-based developmental disability software is built to work across multiple types of platforms and working environments, including iOS, Android and the web. It can be used on almost all devices, with iOS and Android functionality specifically designed for field employees. Being cloud-based eliminates many of the costs associated with hardware, offers around-the-clock accessibility and provides the convenience of working from anywhere. Best of all, the added security is a welcome benefit when dealing with sensitive medical information.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA, also known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection, which is a top priority when working with developmental disability management software. Alley Data is HIPAA-compliant, so you can be sure all the necessary security measures are in place for dealing with protected health information.

Designed For Field Use

Alley Data is custom designed to be easily used when not in an office. This is a necessary feature for direct support professionals who work remotely with patients in their home environment, with full offline support. If a staff member should lose their connection to the internet, they can still work offline and sync the data once an internet connection has been restored. The convenience of 24/7 access to the data cannot be overstated, especially for caregivers who need up-to-the-minute patient information.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Management

Alley Data also acts as developmental disability electronic health records software by facilitating caregiver access to the electronic health records of the individuals you serve. The records are electronically stored in a digital format that can be shared across various healthcare settings. This is critical for storing patient data over a period of time, which in turn helps ensure accuracy, eliminate redundancy and reduce the risk of lost paperwork.

Direct Data Entry (DDE) Charting

When using Alley Data's developmental disability practice software, caregivers and other employees can enter a patient's chart data directly into the application. This eliminates the need to create a paper copy, saving time and resources and helping to ensure accuracy.

Multidisciplinary Employee Scheduling

Your employees provide different services and types of care for the patients you serve. Multidisciplinary employee scheduling makes it possible to schedule the various types of care based on what each caregiver provides.

Timesheet Management

Direct support professionals and other employees can use Alley Data to properly record their work hours. This function not only improves accuracy, but it also acts as an added convenience for field workers who are constantly on the go.

PUSH Notifications

The developmental disability case management software makes it possible to establish a profile for every patient that includes an up-to-date list of his or her medications and scheduled treatments. The system automatically sends a push notification to alert the direct support professional before it's time to administer the medications or act on other tasks.

Logging Capabilities

With Alley Data, direct support professionals in the field can easily record everything necessary, including HPC Documentation, Behavior Support Data, Medication Administration, Incident Reporting, Appointments, and all other charting necessary for providing care. GPS capabilities make it possible to also create a record of patient-caregiver travel, including mileage to various destinations such as stores, restaurants and medical appointments.

Photo Documentation

To aid with financial management, the direct support professional can use Alley Data to photograph everything from receipts, food stamps and gift cards to healthcare records from various medical visits. If an incident occurs that results in patient injury, such as a fall, the caregiver can take a photo to document the event and then add it to the patient's profile.

Personalized Training

Alley Data comes with personalized training for administrators. Most of the training will take place in person or via videoconferencing, depending on user location and preference.

Customized Behavioral Plans

A customized profile can be created for each patient that includes input from family members and healthcare providers. It will also include a behavioral plan that caregivers can access when needed, along with some of the patient's likes and preferences. This feature is especially helpful during DSP shift changes or when a new caregiver comes on board.

Complete Vitals and Assessments

With Alley Data, direct support professionals have the patient's comprehensive medical history at their fingertips. This is particularly useful in emergency situations when healthcare professionals need quick access to the information for comparison purposes.

E-Signature Capabilities

Utilizing Alley Data’s touch screen capability, e-signatures can be captured and stored within the system and used to sign documents as needed, including MARs, HPC documentation, incident reports, and more. If necessary, notifications of signed reports can be transmitted immediately via text or email.

In App Messaging

Alley Data's email-style method of communication allows for internal communication between direct support professionals and administrators to provide an easier, more effective method of conveying information.

PDF Reports

Easily filter data and create reports in PDF format. Administrators can generate reports for virutally anything Alley Data can do. Created reports can be sent electronically or printed depending on your needs.

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Pricing is determined by the number of active Individuals your company has entered into your account. An Individual counts as someone to whom you provide care. Employees and managers of your organization do not cost anything and you can enter as many as necessary to provide your organization's standard of care.
You are automatically billed each month based on the number of Individuals you have averaged for the month.
You can simply cancel your account. Alley Data does not require any long term commitments.
Definitely Yes, you can contact us to let us know what updates you'd like to see. We'll evaluate your request and consider for future releases.

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